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Are you waking up being bitten? Have you found some unexplained reddish brown spots in your bedding? You may be suffering from Bed Bugs.

Bed bugs are parasitic insects with a knack for travel, often following you back from your travels.

Bed bugs can be tough to control because they carry a stigma, so sometimes people will avoid calling a professional straight away due to being embarrassed.
Instead, they may try to treat using an amateur product, which could prolong the infestation and lead to it spiralling out of control.

The Danger of Bed Bugs

Other than bites bed bugs can harbour various pathogens, though transmission to humans has not been scientifically proven and is believed to be unlikely.

Although there are no known disease risks associated with bed bug bites, they can cause acute irritation and distress.

Everyone reacts differently to a bed bug bite; some develop red, irritating marks and lumps, while others do not react to the bites.

The bites can be itchy and cause painful swelling, with excessive scratching sometimes leading to infections.

Bed bugs and your business

The businesses most likely to experience bed bug infestations are hotels, hostels or bed and breakfasts.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t also find them in office buildings, movie theatres, aeroplanes and other places that have a high volume of traffic or favourable conditions.

Bed bugs can be a costly pest to a hospitality business. As well as the cost of replacement furniture, mattresses, towels and bedding, or having to close for extensive treatment, a ruined reputation can cause a loss of future revenue.

If customers experience a bed bug infestation in the premises you manage, they are likely to complain and request a refund.

But they may also review your company negatively online and share their experience on social media. The worst-case scenario is that the media reports on the story and causes further reputational damage.

You may end up lowering the value of your accommodation to fill rooms. And if your establishment is part of a chain, it could affect other locations in your group, as the issue of pests is associated with the brand name rather than the individual business.

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