Pest control for Rats & Mice

Pest control for Rats & Mice

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Have you heard scuttling under the floorboards? Can you see signs of a potential rodent nesting site? Found droppings?
Mouse or rat problem? That’s where we can step in and help you control and manage pests.

The dangers: why we control rats & mice

Pathogens and disease

Rats and mice communicate and mark their territory by urinating everywhere they go, representing a significant public health risk. 

Property damage

The problems associated with rats are not just limited to public health. They also have a knack for causing structural damage.
Rats have to gnaw in order to keep their teeth in shape, and they’re not shy about what they gnaw on.

Rats & mice around businesses

Property owners have a legal obligation under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 to keep premises rodent free, or, if rodents pose a threat to health or property, to report infestations to the local authority.
And if a company or organisation has a highly publicised rat problem, then it will heavily impact its reputation.
Poor reviews of businesses or products are easily viewed and shared online.

Rats & mice around the home

It goes without saying that rat infestations can have a devastating impact on personal wellbeing.
Aside from the health risks, the sound of them scuttling around the home, the evidence of their presence and the damage they can cause do little to help householders sleep easy.

Pest Control for Rats & Mice

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